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Project Description

A meeting room set in a VR environment.

Virtual Sea World Conference Hall


Cinema 4D


7 days


I used Cinema4D to build a meeting room set in a VR environment where the user can use a headset to enter the meeting environment. So, not only meeting in 2D via zoom or any 2D meeting platform, but they can also meet in VR. Proving a virtual environment for more vivid meetings, the user can be more engaged in the meeting and have a lot more interaction with other users. In a virtual environment meeting, you can achieve many functions and experiences that cannot be achieved in a 2D environment, and some functions that cannot even be achieved in the real world, such as teleporting, such as drawing in the air, switching landscapes views, and so on.


Because the pandemic has lasted for too long, even if I have resumed offline courses, online conferences still fill my life. People seem to be not resistant to such online conferences and courses. In fact, this model of meeting online has also been developed by leaps and bounds in the past two years.  However, there are still many disadvantages of online meetings in a 2D environment, such as insufficient interaction, insufficient participation, insufficient links with others, and so on.  Recently, I saw the promotion of Metaverse. I think the concept of the virtual world will become a big trend in the future, and meeting in the virtual world seems to be a new and interesting one that can solve the shortcomings of current 2D meetings.  So I want to try to explore and research information about this.


        I expect the user can use a headset to enter the environment, but I don’t have a headset, and there’s a lot more to do before actually using it. My ultimate goal is to provide all the elements that a meeting needs, and let the user build their own meeting environment, and of course, I will also provide some preset good meeting rooms for the user to choose. Therefore, in this project, I build a “Preset” meeting room using C4D, I may move this project to unity because it is free. 

        I want my design to actually fit the reality size, so I decided to build a meeting table that can contain 8+ people, and I place a 180cm tall doll aside to have a more specific concept of proportion, Then it is to make a chair that looks comfortable, As a newbie, I think it’s complicated to make a chair, so I rummaged through YouTube’s tutorial. I tried to follow a few videos and did it a few times, but because the C4D versions of many videos are different from mine, I spent a lot of time, I tried but couldn't continue production in the end.  But because these exercises allowed me to create a simple chair based on my own experience, I added an inverted cone to the chair instead of the foot of the chair, because I think the chair will move with the user, and we are in the VR world, so no wheels are needed. Then I put them together and built two floors. The first floor is a big meeting room, and the second floor is two small tables, a bit like the concept of a breakout room, and two whiteboards and a monitor are provided. On the left is a lecture room, which provides a large display and a circular auditorium.

        Most of the objects are built by myself, only the plant at the corner of the room comes from outside sources ( The reason why I use it is that I want to experience the function of merging other objects into the workspace.


Hope you enjoy my work!

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