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Learn 3X faster with MapUp

MapUp is a next-generation online test prep solution for high school students across the globe.

MapUp helps stressed high school students in competitive countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, etc., to prepare for public exams effectively with the help of A.I. and data science. 

Currently, MapUp is part of the Antler Nordics 2022 Cohort and is receiving advice and guidance in this global pre-seed accelerator.

Project Overview


For public exams, Asian students constantly use paper exams to do a huge amount of repeating practice and simulate exam environments. But there are too many disadvantages in traditional paper exam practice:

  • Inaccessibility and low-quality data

  • High cost and non-eco-friendly 

  • Lengthly process and limited flexibility

  • Inefficient 'Why-then-What' educational approach

  • And more...


Through the 'What-then-Why' study method designed by MapUp, we create an examination practice platform with the Saas model, easily accessible with any device, regain students' fun in learning, and actively use formulas and theories, thereby effectively improving public test scores.


Jan 2022 - May 2022 (3 Months)


UX/UI design internship


User research, A/B testing, design system, responsive design


InVision, Photoshop, Figma

Get to Know the User

User ​Personas

Going beyond the quantitative data, we wanted to really understand and empathize with our users by asking ourselves, “Who are we designing for?”

We created two different personas that have different needs. Here we have Mckay to represent our target user - high school student in Macau plans to study abroad next year and Yuki to represent practitioner who wants to further education in Hong Kong.

Highlighed Feature

After analysis and consideration, these features can effectively help people improve their learning efficiency from different angles and degrees.

Map Technologies ApS., is an E-Learning Provider headquartered in Denmark. Most of the work is restricted under NDA! For more information and further details, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Final Showcase

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Hope you enjoy my work!

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