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Taking Care of Plants
Product Design

Smart Plant Encyclopedia

The project name is "Smart Plant Encyclopedia," a mobile application designed for plant enthusiasts. The application aims to help plant enthusiasts better understand various plants and provide customized plant care recommendations so that users can take better care of their plants.

Position: Product designer

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Background & Significance.

In today's society, more and more people are beginning to value green living and introducing plants into their homes and workplaces. However, many novice plant caretakers lack sufficient knowledge and experience, leading to many plants easily dying. To address this problem, this project will develop an intelligent plant encyclopedia application to help users better understand plant species and care methods. Additionally, the application will provide personalized care recommendations based on plant species, season, climate, and other factors, allowing users to better care for plants and improve their survival rates.

User Persona

The target audience for this product is plant enthusiasts, primarily divided into the following two categories


Emily Lee

26 years old | Female | Office Worker

User Pain Points

Due to a lack of experience and knowledge, Emily finds it difficult to determine a plant's needs and often feels disappointed when plants die due to improper care.

User Needs

Emily needs a tool that provides basic plant knowledge and care methods to help her better care for plants. She also wants to be able to exchange experiences and insights with other plant enthusiasts through the app's community feature.

 Novice Plant Enthusiast 

James Chen

42 years old | Male | Retired Engineer

User Pain Points

Although James has rich experience and knowledge, he sometimes encounters difficult problems and needs to seek help from other plant enthusiasts.

User Needs

James wants to learn more about plant species and care techniques through the app, and he wants to be able to exchange experiences and insights with other plant enthusiasts through the community feature. He can also share his own experiences and knowledge.

 Experienced Plant Enthusiast 


Based on the needs of our user personas, we have identified the following key product features.

1 / Modern and Sleek Interface

Provide rich plant information, including plant names, classification, morphology, distribution areas, care techniques, etc.

2 / Plant Identification

Identify plant species by uploading photos or taking pictures.

3 / Plant Care Suggestions

Provide personalized care suggestions based on plant species, season, climate, etc., including watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc.

4 / Plant Care Plan

Help users develop a plant care plan, reminding them to perform regular watering, fertilizing, pruning, etc.

5 / Community Interaction

Establish a plant enthusiast community where users can share experiences and insights, exchange care techniques and tips, and receive feedback and support from other plant enthusiasts.

Technical Implementation

  1. Database design: Designing a database structure suitable for plant encyclopedia content, including the storage method and relationship of plant basic information, pictures, descriptions, comments, ratings, etc.

  2. Search engine: Using efficient search algorithms and technologies to achieve fast search and matching functions after users input keywords.

  3. UI/UX design: Through good interface design and user experience, users can feel convenience and comfort when browsing and operating, which can improve the usage rate and satisfaction of the product.

  4. Mobile development: Using cross-platform mobile application development technologies (such as React Native) to install and run the software on iOS and Android platforms.

  5. Cloud storage and deployment: Using cloud storage and deployment technology to back up and synchronize software data, improve data reliability and security, and ensure high availability and scalability of the software.

​In summary, the plant encyclopedia software mainly uses technologies such as database design, search engine, UI/UX design, mobile development, and cloud storage and deployment to implement its functionality and features.

Design System 


Brand colors and fonts.

The brand colors of the plant encyclopedia software are primarily green, with white and gray as complementary colors, to convey an eco-friendly feeling. For fonts, it is modern sans-serif fonts, such as Roboto.

Hope you enjoy my work!

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