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Discovering Treasure

Imperial Treasure is a local restaurant located in Palo Alto California. I have been working as an exclusive designer with them since March 2023.

The restaurant has a soft opening on October 9, 2023. I will continue to serve as the exclusive designer responsible for more user experience research and design projects in the future.

Project Gallery

See what I have designed for Imperial Treasure!

Position: Experience Designer, Service Designer, Strategic Design Assistantship

Duration: March 2023 - Now

Address: 151 California Ave Ste E101 Palo Alto, CA 94306

#Service Design #Strategic Design  #Space design  #Environmental design  #UX design  #Materials procurement  #Branding

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Signboard Design

Group 480.png

This design employs the Chinese character "宝藏" (Baozang), meaning "Imperial Treasure," crafted into an ancient stone seal pattern for the restaurant's branding. It emulates the seals of classical Chinese calligraphers, utilizing Han Dynasty small seal script with a near-square form and traces of clerical script influence, typically reserved for formal occasions and embellishing metalware.

Frame 429.jpg

Door sign prototype

Size: 200cm * 60cm

English names

Chinese calligraphy names

IMG_1033 2.HEIC

The door sign lights off. The texture of wood is more in line with the effect of using natural materials in ancient..


Door sign lights on, allows the door sign to have better visibility at night.

Dessert Jar

Group 614.png

"宝藏鲜炖" in English, "Treasure Fresh Stew", refers to a luxurious and flavorful stew made with high-quality, fresh ingredients.

DALL·E 2023-12-23 16.47.09 - Create an image of a transparent, colorless glass container t
IMG_0487 2.HEIC

3D concept model

3D model with logo

Real dessert jar

Manu Design


My client wishes to design and custom-produce a series of menus infused with an ancient Chinese aesthetic. The collection should include options for affordable breakfast and lunch as well as sophisticated, creative culinary offerings, catering to the demands of diverse diner demographics. The style should be simple yet elegant.

Most of the design content involves proprietary business secrets and the designer does not have the authority to display it on personal websites. For further information, please contact Rebecca via email at


​Create ambience through lighting design


Door sign at night

Abyss Mirror light

​Big fish lanterns on the ceiling, light strips embedded in paintings on the wall, red Chinese lanterns

Semi-private Dining Room

This is a semi-private dining room design that can accommodate 12-16 people. I have chosen to use the design of ancient Chinese pavilions, filled with the classical beauty of ancient China.

​Christmas Decor

Project:  Indoor and outdoor Christmas decor

Duration:  Dec 6, 2023 - Now

Description:  The Chinese-style Christmas tree in gold and red echoes the red lanterns and big fish chandeliers diving in the restaurant.

Partition Screen

Project: Designing a more private dining environment for the private dining room. Project in progress.

Duration: Dec 10, 2023 - Now

IMG_1200 3.HEIC

Private rooms for 16-20 people that require improved privacy


Divider Mockup


Polyester material
25% light transmittance


I will be responsible for designing the outdoor dining environment of the restaurant garden, and the project is currently in the application process.

Nov 10, 2023

Hope you enjoy my work!

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